That Awkward Narcissistic post you hope no one reads



It’s a first post.  Can it be anything but narcissistic?  Basically, this is the post that will decide if half my friends will bother coming back or not… Do I go for funny?  Do I go for sincere?  Do I ramble on about myself, or do I stick to safe topics like politics, religion, and sex?  Oh wait…

So, in lieu of this being my very first post, I think it’s acceptable if I introduce myself, even if only a little.  Then we’ll get to interesting topics like books, music, boys, theology and theatre.  There may be a little imagination tossed in too – kind of like lettuce that fills in the gaps but doesn’t have too much substance.

My name is Cayley Grace and I love my name!  Having turned 21 this year, I feel like an adult, but in all honesty, I’m more like a 12 year old.  I love theatre and the arts, especially music, and there is rarely a moment when I am not singing.  I have a wild and vivid imagination and am a true girly-girl: I love pink, glitter, dresses and dressing up.  I am an avid pinner on Pinterest and my bio there pretty much sums me up, so here it is:

I believe in fairytales and happily ever afters. I believe that God has saved me and that my fairytale is authored by Him. I believe in singing and dancing and glitter. I believe in love.

There’s a whole lot more like books and pianos and guys in suits… but that will all naturally pop up on this blog anyway.

And that’s me!

Thanks for staying long enough to read this!  hopefully my next post will have more substance to it, but now you have a taste of my style and can decide if my content will be worth reading.  It was awesome of you to stop by!  Make it happen again!  Let me know if there’s anything you want me to discuss or change on my blog and I’ll be more than willing to… well… consider it at the very least.