Online Accountability

It’s a strange thought, isn’t it – that the internet could be used beyond Google, Facebook, and YouTube?  But in starting this blog I realised that as much as it is for me, I want to write with purpose; I want to have a reason for why I get onto this site.  This post is hopefully the first of many – with some self-discipline, daily – posts.

online accountability postThe plan is this: every single day I will be amazed by God.  There are days when this is simple… and there are days when this is anything but easy, but come rain or shine, I will look for the beauty of God on a regular basis and attempt to train myself to be amazed by God in everything.

And this is where the idea of online accountability comes in:

Perhaps no one is reading this, and that’s ok, but somehow, knowing it’s up and knowing people can look, makes me want to stay accountable.  You are my imaginary readership, made up of students, scholars, teachers, mothers, and any number of people from any number of cultures… and it is for all of you, my dear imaginary readers, that I stay accountable.  It is for you that I write daily.

So keep your eyes open, friends, for post number next one.  Hopefully, as I open my eyes to the wonders of God and share my discoveries it will help you to do the same.  Just imagine a whole generation who look for and are conscious of how awesome our God is!

(That was my “I want to change the world” moment….don’t mind me)

So till then, so long.


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