Let it rain

Today i woke up to the gentle patter of rain and a sweet, fresh breeze that floated through my window.  The skies were grey and comforting and everything shone with freshly fallen sparkles of heaven.  At least that’s what my mind saw.  It’s weird how we all see things so differently.  Today was my kind of day – a misty rain that seemed to envelop my whole world and whisper soothing poetry as it fell.  Others saw an oppressive cloud with a dreary deluge to deliver us into depression…

But apart from the comfort I find in the rhythm and gentleness of rain, there’s something much bigger that has always amazed me.  Maybe I’m being ridiculous, but I believe that God gives me rain.  i understand the way water cycles work and seasons and vegetation and all that, and I know the world does not revolve around me!  But the awesome thing is that every time I feel like I’m about to give up or I’m just having a horrid day, it rains.  Well, one time it was snow, but usually it’s rain.

It’s such a tangible reminder of how much God cares.  And maybe I’m mistaken.  Maybe my theology in believing this is so totally out that when someone reads this they’ll send for some kind of intervention!  But I will continue to believe that God sees me, he sees what I need and he knows that when the world seems too much,  the rain reminds me to look to Him.

Rain is my way of knowing the love of God.  Rain, in my eyes, is one representation of his beauty.  I see God in the rain.  I just worry that I miss Him when it’s not raining… I worry that sometimes we miss Him altogether…


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