Dating my best friend

I watch way too many romantic comedies and read far too many cute romantic stories.  I accept it.  And as this girly-girl that I have become, I have cultivated ideas of a wonderful date

He comes to pick me up and then we sit in the car talking about everything, anything and nothing.  Conversation is easy between the two of us.  We both look dashing and turn heads when we arrive at our destination and enter the restaurant.  We get a table for two and sit down, barely noticing the waitron because we’re so intent on one another.  It takes ages to order because we’re too busy laughing and talking and having fun together. Fast forward and he gets the bill and drives me home and I wave as he drives away.

And this was all in the back of my mind a few days ago as I sat slurping on a milkshake while chatting to my best friend and watching as she wolfed down a burger.  And then it suddenly dawned on me: I was dating my best friend!best friend


Now the two of us have always joked about the extent of our friendship (we’re tight.  Freaky tight.), but when one realises one is literally going on dates, one must pause to reassess life… and wonder what one’s boyfriend might think of all this.

But as I sat and thought about it, I realised that I don’t care that I’m dating my best friend.  After all, shouldn’t it be like that?  Shouldn’t friendship be a bond just as important as any other and cultivated as carefully as possible?  I treasure this friendship beyond belief and if showing it means taking her to a restaurant and driving her around and giggling about stupid things together, then that’s ok by me.  I will date her everyday.

There’s something else that’s interesting about this whole “dating my best friend” concept.  I’ve always been told to marry my best friend (and by that, they didn’t mean the girl whom I’m friends with, they meant the person I married should be my friend first and foremost.  Just thought I’d clarify that one.).  If I’m supposed to marry my best friend, and I very happily go on dates with him, why not extend the same courtesy to my best friend who will be walking me down the aisle to hand me off to my husband-to-be (read other best friend).

The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Heck!  I think we should all be dating our friends!

PhotoBooth-78Friendship is something to be treasured.  Putting every effort into maintaining that friendship and giving it longevity should be a norm, not a question.  I hope I never forget the importance of the best friend in my life and if I ever stop dating them… well, maybe that shows that I don’t really deserve them.

(And in case she didn’t catch it, this one goes out to Claire Morrison)


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