All growed up

Do you have any family traditions?  I’m not talking things like special turkey or spring cleaning… I’m talking about those things that just happen in your nuclear family.  I realised tonight that I have something incredibly special – my family.

I came home from band practice expecting to head to my room and get studying.  Instead, an inconspicuous whatsapp message lured me to my parents room where I lay on the bed with my mom and chatted for two hours. And I suddenly realised that it’s something I miss.

I used to sit for hours on that bed. We would talk and giggle and I’d snuggle and my mom would kick me out if I tried to tickle her; that is where she would give me advice or simply sit with me. 

Lying there tonight, all of that came rushing back and I was safe in my mommy’s arms again.  I was little again.  At some point I guess I grew up and started turning to other people and places. I grew up and moved to a new church, made new friends and started new relationships.  I’m not the little girl who could forever run to mommy’s side, but that side will always have a special place in my heart.

My dad came through a little later and we all attacked each other with tickles.  We laughed and giggled and had a good time as a family.  Growing up seems to have come with busyness and I’ve lost little jewels of time like that one.  But tonight I got to go back and be the eight year old in her parents big bed again.

Don’t get me wrong!  Growing up is fantastic!  And there’s so much life going on around you that you need to be in the moment to take it all in.  But growing up brings changes – small things that change or disappear, sometimes without us even knowing. 

Don’t be afraid to grow up!  There is so much to look forward to in every stage of life.  Just don’t forget the moments like tickling on the bed.  I have treasured my parents.  I could probably do so better.  But as I live in the now and plan for the future, I make sure that I never grow up without remembering my past, because the people in my past have all become part of my future

I urge you: don’t grow up and forget! Growing up does not need to mean growing apart.


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