The dreaded *curse* word

I’ve managed to get myself into numerous conversations regarding swearing.  This seems to be a topic that follows me about like my dog when I have food.  So I decided to put up a blog about it- after all, I have plenty to say on the matter.swearing 2

I do not swear. (Hmmmm, maybe I have less to say than I thought.)  That pretty much sums it up.  But I inevitably ask my friends not to swear and purposefully avoid listening to too much of it.  I don’t listen to the radio because of the language in 70% of the songs (not to mention to presenters), and I tend to stick to movies that I know and love – for instance, Disney animations and musicals.

At this point I expect half of you are judging me bitterly and the other half is just completely perplexed.  In my defense, at least I don’t flinch anymore when someone swears.

But the other day I started wondering what a good answer would be if someone asked why I don’t swear, after all, “swearing makes you feel better – it’s scientifically proven.”  Actually, it’s scientifically proven that a sudden exclamation of any kind will make you feel better.  If I scream “apples” when I stub my toe, it will have the same effect.  But – and here I must wonder at my own sanity – the first thing that popped into my head when I asked myself that question was not an ethical debate or a scientific answer.  No, Cayley’s brain simply said: “because I am a Disney Princess, and Princesses don’t swear.”

Wait what?

That was my brain and even I think it’s nuts!

swearing 1Then again, is it?  Ok, yes it is, but hear me out!  Disney Princesses are built on a foundation of good vs evil.  They are created to epitomise good and set a standard for little girls – one that says you can be a princess even if you’re not royal (how else did Mulan, Megara, Alice, and Giselle get into the princess line-up?)  And if Disney Princesses epitomise good and neither swear nor blaspheme, then I would say it’s a pretty good thing that I want to be a Princess.  It means that I want to stand up for good too.  It means that I won’t stick to the status quo because I’ve chosen ideals of yesteryear that are still child-friendly.

I decided long ago not to look down on swearing.  But I also learned long ago that just because I don’t condemn it doesn’t mean I have to condone it.  I see myself as classy (well, you know, it’s a work in progress) and I see myself as a princess, and simply put – princesses don’t swear.


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