Hope: The strongest magic of all

I am in love with the TV series Once Upon a Time.  I will admit that every cliche makes my heart lighter and every time Snow or Charming say “I will find you, I will always find you” my eyes well up.  But there’s one beautiful theme etched into the very fiber of the show that makes my heart swell every time: hope.

hope 1

If there’s one thing that has popped up repeatedly in my life recently, it’s the idea of hope.  Be it in awesome series, or in an assignment on eschatology – there is always a glimmer of hope.  And though I may not believe in magic, I do believe in hope.

I must confess that in my Disney-addled brain I have come to put a lot of stock in happy ever afters. There is something intrinsically beautiful in the thought of finally having everything work out.  We all wait for it with baited breath.  We feel the pain of a world that is falling to pieces around us.  Like characters from a fairytale trapped in a new, dark place, we too yearn for home – for family.  You feel it in beautiful music when you wish hope 2you could catch that emotion of transcendence and float away on it.  You see it in sunsets and smiles  – brief glimpses of something so much greater than human experience.  That yearning, when led, can turn to hope.  And that hope, when placed correctly, leads to joy and fulfillment.

Doing a study on eschatology is fascinating for me.  It’s like the happily ever after of Christianity – sorry if that’s sacrilege to say, but let’s be honest here.  There is literally a Prince on a white horse in Revelation who comes to save the people captured by the evil beast.  And then that same character waits for his bride who is adorned in purest white.  And happily ever after is eternal.  People diss fairytales… I like to think I’m in one.

But back to the point!


Fairytales may just be stories.  And life might not always have a happy ending.  But for the Christian there is a hope – one that is confirmed!  Christ came!  He is our hope.  The Christian hope lies in a life beyond this one. Our hope is secured in a place where there are no more tears and no more pain.   Life gets really sucky really often and I’ll be the first to admit it, but there is one thing that never dies – hope.

Those who lose hope are those who will go as far as to take their own lives.

Hope gives us purpose.  Hope gives us joy.  Hope gives us life.
And if I am reminded of my hope in fairytales, so be it!  But put your hope in the one who can fulfill it.  And then remind yourself vehemently and regularly of that hope.  Don’t lose hope – it is the strongest “magic” of all.

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