25 Days a Tourist – My own personal challenge

I have just returned from an amazing two weeks in England – London and Liverpool in the Spring, and a day in Germany.  It was spectacular!DSCN4323

But walking the streets of Germany on my own caused me to get a little more reflective than usual: I find it so easy to see beauty in other places, but not so much in the place I live.  Every corner I turned in Europe led me to another scene to marvel at.  And each new marvel was subsequently compared in my head to something that I then deemed “substandard” from South Africa.

How sad.

How pathetic.

How very blind and naive!

I thought through this revelation on my flight home and decided I wanted to set myself a challenge to see my own home as a tourist might.  To look at my world through new eyes and learn to appreciate what so many will never get to see.

And while I was still trying to decide if I should really follow through, my best friend sent me the following, after doing some “touristing” herself:

“…we need to do more touristing in our home towns”…

Ok, ok.  I can take a hint.

So today marks my promise to be a tourist for 25 days.DSCN4426

I’m going to take my camera everywhere.  No tourist goes anywhere without a camera!  I know for a fact my photography is terrible – at best I can give you a picture that’s in focus and has vaguely decent composition.  At worst, there will be no photo at all.  But I’ll try.

I’m going to look for things that are different or special.

I will not spend any extra money.  This is a hard one because it means not going to the tourist attractions and looking for things other tourists might see.  But I know that simply walking down the streets of London was incredible to me – why should the streets of Jozi be any different?  On that note, however, I will try to be more open-handed.  It’s weird thinking about how much money tourists are willing to part with simply because they’re tourists…

Each day I will put up a new post with my discovery for the day.

So there it is.  10 May 2015 will be day 1 of 25 Days a Tourist. Watch this space!



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